Review : Youview Humax DTR T1010

As a family we spend most of our time in the play room with the girls.  I have looked for a while for a TV package that would allow me to record programs whilst the girls and I watch something else.  That we could also pause, rewind, fast forward live TV, as often with small children we get up mid program for toilet breaks, snacks and drinks meaning we never get to watch a full program.  This functionality would give us great flexibility.  

Youview is a subscription free TV service that provides this and a lot more.  By connecting though your home broadband Youview provides catch up TV, which is great for me I can catch up on my favourite programs and through the aerial the normal free digital TV channels, over 70.

We were sent the Youview Humax DTR T1010 box to review.  I found the setup really straight forward.  the instructions are conveniently placed on the box so you can follow along whilst you go.  It is plug in aerial, connect to TV via HDMI, connect broadband, plug in and switch on.  Remember to switch the switch on at the back of the box too.  That's it done.  The Youview Humax DTR T1010 box then installs the channels


The channels did not take long to install.  I like the parental control features as when this is switched on any program/film with a given rating i.e. 15 will require a PIN number to watch.  You can also choose to set parental guidance for watershed times.  I can see this feature becoming more useful as the girls get older and start controlling the TV.

For now though the girls want to watch their favourite channel


I love the sleek look of the Youview Humax DTR T1010 box, the silver front is very minimalist with a single dial button.  Hidden beneath a drop down flip is an additional USB port, which is a great feature.

USB portfront of box

I love the front has this clean look and that information is displayed in white LED.  The box is also incredibly quiet and if it was not for the lights I would not know it was on.  

I would recommend Youview to anyone looking for an alternative to their existing supplier, or simply for an extra additional service.  You can get Youview free as part of a broadband subscription from BT or Talk Talk (activation / installation fees may apply) or you can purchase from all major retailers.  It is great for parents who want to have some control over their children's TV habits or for those people like myself who often need to catch up on programmes.

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