Review : MaByLand Comfort Carrier

The MaByLand Comfort carrier comes in a choice of 3 colours, chocolate brown Midnight black and shimmering gold.  We were provided with chocolate brown to test as part of the focus group for MaByLand new range.

The comfort carrier carries babies in an ergonomic seated position.  It also provides the baby with back support and a head rest.    The child/baby is always carried facing the parent.  The carrier is suitable from 3months - 3 years [5Kg - 15Kg].  I found that my eldest daughter who is almost 3 did not want to sit in the carrier as she wanted to face the other way.  My youngest daughter was very happy to sit in the carrier up until around the time she could walk, when she just wants to walk everywhere.  Neither of which is down to the carrier more the Independence of my children.  I could still get both children into the carrier as there is adjustable leg room and easy front and side adjustments.

The comfort carrier has an adjustable padded waist belt and I also found the padded shoulder straps to be wider than previously used carriers which gave extra support and comfort.   When I first used the carrier I did find it uncomfortable to wear, but the more I wore it the more it moulded to my shape.  This meant I soon had an incredibly comfortable carrier that provided the perfect fit.  The carrier is very easy to adjust when it is on.

[Apologies for the snow pictures I have been meaning to write the review for some time]

excellent back supportadjustable side straps

padded strapseasy to reach buckles

comfort carrier support

I love the amount of padding on the carrier.  The head support for the child is also great as this is sometimes lacking in other carriers.  The storage pocket on the front is very useful and is lovely and deep.  It does fit a packet wipes and a nappy. One of the other great features of the carrier is that it comes with a blanket which easily clips onto the carrier and goes all the way round the child giving extra warmth and protection in the cold.

MaByLand comfort carrier

The MaByLand Comfort Carrier is priced at £84.99 which given the amount of padding and extra features make it a good purchase.  It did take the carrier a little time to mould to my shape in order to give the comfortable perfect fit, but it did get there and it was really comfortable to wear.  If you are looking for a good quality, well supported and comfortable carrier than I would recommend the MaByLand Comfort Carrier.  

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