who lives in a house like this?

My eldest daughter loves watching wildlife in our garden.  Earlier this year we built an outdoor hideout for the hedgehog who likes to visit the garden looking for food.  We collected twigs and leaves and built a den, which to the untrained eye looks like a pile of sticks and leaves.

hedgehog den

This though is perfect for the hedgehog to hide away in.  It is in a sheltered spot in a place the dog cannot get to so it is perfect for our hedgehog.

I decided to show the girls other outdoor dens and hideaways for all the animals that visit the garden.  We have one for the bees

our wooden bee house

One for Ladybirds

our ladybird house

Even the birds have tried to build a nest in our garden

nuilding nest

My eldest loved looking at all the different animals dens, and houses.  This inspired her to create her own den whilst I was cooking dinner.  First she tried with just a cardboard box, 

building the denhiding in the box

Which worked OK until her sister wanted to come in and she wanted her chair,

lying in the densister opening the den

She soon decided that it was a bit of a squish with her chair in too so she asked me to move the table back for her so she could make her hideaway under the table.  

sharing the denbuilding under the table

Her sister was able to join her and they could both sit on the chairs, they enjoyed a tea party

tea partyhaving fun in the dentwo girls in the den

If you wondered what the box was for at the side of the table, well its for parking the car in

car journey
parking the toy car
car in the box

My eldest loved looking at how anything outside can become a den for an animal.  I loved watching her and her sisters imagination in building their own den inside and to be creative to make somewhere for their car too.

This day I love who lives in a house like this?

This is our entry into the Tots100 and Center Parcs June challenge

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  1. This looks such a imaginative idea! I would love to do this with my little boy :) xx

  2. Ah bless their little hearts! Great fun :)


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