All aboard

My girls love getting out and about.  After work we played outside in the warm  sunshine.  My eldest can now use the pedals on her Smart trike so she was riding up and down the drive way.  My youngest decided she wanted to try the Galt balance bike.  I love this bike, yes I have had a go and yes it is way too small for me but its still fun.  She loved holding the handles and looking round at her sister.  Still a little bit too small for it but her confidence grows.

big bike

After dinner it was starting to get a little late, but my girls decided they wanted to build a train.  They turned the Trunki toy boxes upside down and off they went. They looked really good riding round on them.  

the Trunki train

They had a lot of fun and it was great to see them not only use their imagination but also play together.  They soon discovered that the contents of one of the toy boxes is our musical instruments, nothing fancy mainly shakers.  This then prompted lots of singing dancing and of course the Hokey Cokey.

This day I love All aboard  

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  1. It's lovely when children really enjoy themselves the 'old fashioned' way. My kids are so into battery operated/ remote control stuff it kind of takes away the magic sometimes doesn't it. This looks like great fun x


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