invading a castle using your dragon

Step 1

It is important when invading a castle to ensure that your dragon can fit across the bridge

dragon over the bridge

Step 2

Always check that the area is secure and clear before proceeding

looking through the castle

Step 3

Make sure you are familiar with your surroundings, this removes the element of surprise

walking with dragon

Step 4

The best way to invade a castle is by adopting the roll around on the floor technique, both dragon and owner to do in sync works best
rolling with dragon

Step 5

It is always wise to hide your dragon from any passer by and look busy

hiding dragon
Step 6

Celebrate your victory, the castle is yours

celebrate with dragon

This day I love invading a castle using your dragon

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  1. What a lovely post!
    You take great photos and your daughter is lovely... And of course you should never go into a castle without your dragon!
    Tammy xx

  2. Lovely pictures! You should absolutely use a dragon to invade a castle. It common knowledge :)

  3. Aw, so cute! What a lovely open space you found for exploring - loving the last 'victory' pose!

  4. What a super sweet post! ha, really loved reading this and very sweet photos.

    Thanks for linking up with this weeks Mad Mid-Week Blog Hop! xx

  5. What lovely photos! Popped over from the MMWBH

  6. That's just lovely - what a nice story to put around a set of pictures!


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