textures, twinkl and shades

My eldest is really interested in Sea life.  She has a few favourite bed time reads all of which either involve Pirates or Sea life.  It was a rather wet and windy evening today and so we settled for some indoor messy play with a Sea life theme.

I downloaded some images from Twinkl and printed them off for our play.  I cleaned and crushed 4 egg shells and put out paint that both contained glitter [shiny] and did not contain glitter.  My daughter and I first looked at the paint and picked some pictures.  We talked about the glitter paint and how it was shiny.  How when the light shone on it it sparkled, and looked at the paint without glitter and talked about how it did not sparkle, how it was dull.  We also had light paint and dark paint and we spoke about the difference in light colours and dark.  I was kindly told that the glitter paint was the best and her favourite was the gold.

looking at shades of colour

I then asked my daughter which picture she would like to stick the egg shell onto.  Which she thought might have be hard and which might be rough.  She picked the crab and started sticking the shells onto the picture. We talked about how crabs have a shell and what its for.  She then told me that turtles also have a shell, so we stuck egg shell onto the turtle too.  

looking at the crab shellsticking the turtle shell

I gave her other items to stick on the pictures, including sand, cotton wool, rice, porridge oats and pasta.  We spoke about the different textures and shapes.  My daughter asked lots of questions about shapes, textures and colours.  It was really lovely talking to her and watching her learn whilst having fun.  We painted lots of pictures and had lots of fun.  Painting and sticking I have found is a great way to introduce new concepts such as textures and shades.  It really encouraged my daughter to ask questions and it kept her occupied for a good few hours.

lots of paintings

We continued colouring with my youngest but this time looked at different farm animals.  Her favourite animal is sheep, as she makes 'baa' sounds when she sees them

colouring sheep

This day I love textures, twinkl and shades

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  1. That's absolutely lovely and you've really inspired me this weekend to get some paints and glitter out! Thank you!

  2. Fantastic, thank you for sharing. Sx

  3. Fantastic, thank you for sharing. Sx


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