Project 365 : week 27

running around


We had a lovely day with Lisa from Hollybobbs and her children.  The girls all had fun running around and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine

invading a castle


We had a lovely evening walk round Sandal castle.  If you are unsure about invading a castle you will need a dragon and my step by step guide



We experimented with different textures, colours and shades.  We used the sea life colouring templates from Twinkl.

refusing to sleep


Another night with my youngest refusing to sleep.  Instead she wanted to send random tweets to everyone, my apologies for that.



New tactic to get the girls to sleep, lots of fresh air and running around after nursery.  So we all enjoyed some monkeying in the garden.

putting on sun cream


My eldest wanted to play outside, I told her that we needed to put on sun cream first before we could go out.  So she did although she denied it.

my new bed


We went to get my eldest a new bed as she is outgrowing her toddler bed and needs a full size single.  I asked her which one she liked and she picked this one.  

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  1. what great photos. seeing your daughter covered in sun cream made me smile - my two did this a few weeks ago but managed to completely cover themselves!!
    i really like the photo looking through the castle ruins - i like how the old walls frame your daughter. and what a cool car bed! x

  2. I love the suncream photo, it's classic!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365

  3. Of course you would need a dragon to see a castle! What a great photo

  4. i love the bed choice lol and the suncream :-) xx

  5. Ha love the bed she chose! Your first photo was doing my head in but very clever, sounds like a brilliant week, here's to another one

  6. That innocent little funny.

  7. Great choice of bed and love the photo with the suncream!


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