ladies that lunch

Having had a rather busy day today, I decided to treat the girls [and myself] and take them out for dinner.  We headed to our local farm shop.  My eldest knows I buy meat from here and so when we arrived promptly told me that I had to buy some sausages.  

We went inside and ordered our food.  When it arrived my youngest wasted no time at all tucking in

youngest eating yummy spaghetti

 What really got me thinking though was when both girls really started laughing.  I wondered what they were laughing at and it turns out a Wasp.  This got me to think how come, I as an adult, am filled with fear at the site of a wasp yet my children giggle at it?  I try to stay calm and not change my appearance in front of the girls when there is a wasp around, even though I don't wish to find out how allergic I am to the sting or for that matter if it is any more or less painful than a Bee's sting.  Yet the girls, perhaps in their innocence, just laugh and giggle at the wasp.  Maybe I should encourage this?

the girls giggle dinner

This day I love ladies that lunch,

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  1. Aww fab photos! Sounds like you had a fab time despite the wasp! I'm scared of them

  2. My poor girl has been stung twice this summer and yet she's the most calm about them!

  3. Great photos.

    I made the mistake of showing my oldest how scared I was of bees and wasps when she was little and now she has taken that fear on. I've been a lot calmer with my younger two and I think that has helped.


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