World Photography day

Today was World photography day.  I have mentioned a few times that photography is something I am wanting to improve on.  I am not expecting nor wanting to become a professional, more just be able to take better photos.  I have looked today to find a photo I really love to celebrate World Photography day.  I took this one and I am very happy with it.  I use my smart phone to take all my photos as I do not own a camera and I am pleased with the result

bees at work

I would love to see any images that you have taken for world photography day.  If you have any photos or a post with some photos in for world photography day, please feel free to enter them in the link below and I would really love it if you like my photo or if you do link up to grab a badge for your post, thank you.

This day I love

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  1. What a beautiful flower. The colours are so amazing at first I thought it was an underwater shot, at first glance. Lovely!


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