Review : Pink lining

Do you have a bag that you can use for everything?  I really do mean everything.  One which is stylish and practical?  One which you are proud to own and is not so big you become the bag.  I do, I own such bag.  I wish I had had this bag with my eldest, life would have been so much easier,

I am of course talking about my Yummy Mummy Pink lining bag.  

I love the beautiful stitching on the handy front pocket and the beautiful leather which holds the handles in place.  Everything is sleek and well made, no stitch out of place

beautiful leather stitichingYummy Mummy
The bag is wipe clean too, which is perfect for when a little one pours juice over your bag.  The larger shoulder strap handles are easily detachable, yet are held securely in place when needed.

easy to remove shoulder strap

I took my Pink Lining bag to Britmums and it held everything I needed, train tickets, books for train, and all general thing you would find in your handbag.  The beauty is that the bag is lovely and deep but without feeling big so you can carry a lot.  The straps are also rather comfortable.

I use this as our swimming bag.  The handy detachable clear pouch is used for wet swimming costumes.  It will hold mine and both the girls.  The bag holds for swimming :

3 Swimming costumes - Mine and both girls
2 swimming nappies
4 normal nappies
3 towels - mine and both girls
Water wipes - Packet of baby wipes
Nappy cream
Change of clothes for both girls
Changing mat
Snacks for both girls
The outer pockets hold a drink for each girl

contents of swim bag waiting to be packed
inside swimming bag

The girls and I are often out and about.  I therefore need a bag big enough to accommodate most eventualities and also enough things to keep the girls entertained.  On a recent trip to London I took:

Change of clothes for both girls
Lots of snacks
Drinks for both girls
Colouring books
3 soft back reading books
1 magnetic book
4 nappies
Changing mat
Baby wipes
Nappy cream
Charger for my phone
Business cards
Plastic cow
Plastic sheep
Spare dummy

contents of train bag ready to be packed

It all fitted perfectly into my Pink Lining bag.  What was even better was there was room to put both girls shoes in, as they fell asleep on the car ride home and I needed to put their shoes in the bag so I could carry everything in the house.

Bag packed for the train

The Pink Lining bag was absolutely perfect, it meant I only had to take the one bag.  This made my life so much easier on the train with the two girls.

yummy mummy pink lining changing bag

The Pink Lining Yummy Mummy changing bags will suit nearly every occasion.  I have taken it to a wedding and as you can tell from above is holds pretty much everything you could need.  Inside the bag there are some beautifully deep pockets, which means nappies don't fall out and go all over the bag, and are deep enough to also hold a packet of wipes.  Insulated pockets for milk bottles, I use these for my daughters juice cups.  Smaller pockets and a zip pocket.  There is also a small mirror.  

Pink Lining also have a fantastic range of other bags, not just changing bags.  One of my personal favourites is the Children's range, and in particular the Picture Satchel.  What a beautiful idea and a great way to display children's art work.  The range is so great that there is bound to be a bag to suit every need and taste.  

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  1. lovely bags - they are on zulily today as well!

    1. I love this bag, it really does fit everything in it


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