slimy things

'Look Mummy, come look at this'

'Mummy, Look what I found'

[Daughter then proceeds to put said finding in my face]

holding a slug

Yes, my daughter had picked up a huge slug.

'Can we keep it please Mummy'

[Me thinking of some way to discourage the slug from entering the house]

'How about we put the slug back in his house darling?'

daughter thinks about it for a while

'Mummy its not a slug, its a big worm, can I take him to my room please Mummy?'

After a rather long conversation with her about how the 'worm' would much prefer to live outside, she finally agreed to put him back outside.  

This day I love slimy things

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  1. Cute. Erm I think ;) GG would never touch a slug, but Bug would definitely want to take one home!

  2. Haha. I love that she had NO fear of picking up this huge worm {eeek!} and her wanting to keep it. My daughter Ellie is exacting the same, lol! x

  3. She's a keen conservationist.

    She wanted to protect it from the mean things that nature will throw up and you left it to get gobbled up by the next passing magpie.

    *Shakes head*

  4. I'm never that keen on the slimey things that I get bought!


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