Review : Mighty Lights crisps from Walkers

crunchy deep ridgesCrispy crunchy full of flavour

Low in fat a taste to savour

In your lunch box nice and tight

The lighter crisp with a mighty bite

Oh what's this, let me see

checking out the crisps

Yummy, crunchy just for me

tasting the crisps
 Perfect for the smallest tummy
wanting some crisps

All gone, they're oh so yummy!

one last crispempty crisps

Walkers Mighty Light

A large box arrived on our door step last week.  I wasn't expecting anything so the girls and I eagerly opened the box.  We had a very lovely surprise.  Walkers had sent us one of each flavour of their new Mighty Lights.  Not just one packet, but one multi pack of each flavour.  The three flavours are Lightly salted, Roast chicken and Cheese and onion.  Mighty Lights have 30% less fat than standard potato crisps [on average], I therefore will allow my girls [3 years and 15 months] to have them as a treat.  Walkers Mighty Lights are ridged potato crisps.

My girls as you can tell from the above, showed no hesitation in wanting to try their Mighty Light crisps.  Both thoroughly enjoyed their Mighty Lights and the pack was emptied rather quickly.  I even had calls for more crisps please Mummy.  I like that Mighty Lights contain no artificial colours or preservatives and no MSG.  With Mighty Lights also been made by Walkers they are coming from a brand that I trust to deliver on a great crisp.

I was pleasantly surprised that even though Mighty Lights have 30% less fat than a standard potato crisp, the crunch and the flavour are not compromised.  In fact I prefer Mighty Lights over a standard potato crisp.  I often worry that the flavour of cheese and onion crisps might be too over powering, but I found these just right.  Even better I did not walk around 'tasting' the flavour of the crisp for the rest of the day, which I often find with other cheese and onion crisps.  Lightly salted is also exactly what it says, lightly salted.  Just enough to add taste without leaving you gasping for a drink of water.  Roast chicken was my favourite.  A really lovely taste, just right.

I prefer ridge crisps too as I think they hold their flavour better and I certainly wasn't disappointed with Mighty Lights.  Really lovely deep ridges and packed full of flavour.  With school starting shortly its nice to know that their is a potato crisp available that is 30 % less fat than a standard potato crisp and has a great tasting flavour meaning both adults and children will love them.   Perfect for school lunch boxes and adult lunch boxes.  I know I will be having a packet in my car.

Mighty Lights are also suitable for vegetarians and a great source of fibre.  So which flavour will you choose?  Cheese and onion, Lightly Salted or Roast chicken, hang on the Roast Chicken are all mine!

Mighty lights are now available to purchase.  Go on give them a try, they are perfect for lunch boxes, snacking and to take out and about.

We were sent a multi pack of each flavour of Walkers Mighty lights to review.  All words and thoughts are my own personal opinion.  

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