Bunny goes everywhere with my daughter.

He goes to nursery, on every trip, in the car and of course to bed.  Bunny is her favourite thing in the whole world.
bunny in the car

Bunny attempts to get in the bath and the shower and much to my daughters annoyance has to sit on the side.

Bunny has his nappy changed, his fur brushed and even sits at the table.  Bunny is her best friend

bunny for dinnerchanging nappy

Imagine what happened when we lost bunny.  He was no where to be found.  We searched everywhere.  Emptied the laundry bag, checked all the bins, there was no bunny.  

We looked in the car, rang nursery, checked the street, the garden and even the fridge.  No bunny.

No bunny anywhere.

There were a lot of tears.  Where was bunny?  Our dog looked on wanting to help but not understanding what was happening.  

We went to fetch a cloth to clean up, there was bunny fast asleep in the towels.  We found him.

My daughter said ' Its just like my book Mummy'

My eldest had remembered a book we have been reading, 'The bunny that could not be Found' by Angela Mitchell.  She was right it is just like the book.  It goes to show how much she must enjoy reading it and how much she is taking in if she can relate a real life example to a story book.

the bunny that could not be found

I love reading the book to her too, I find it a very amusing story and one which I am more than happy to read to her.  

I am so please my daughter has a passion for reading and is thinking about situations and relating them to the real world.  I am also glad that just like the book we found bunny!

This day I love bunny.

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