the day the castle arrived

About a week a go I received a fantastic tweet from Little Tikes

I could not believe it, I knew my girls would love this and was so excited for them.  The castle arrived today.  
When I picked the girls up from nursery we went outside and I showed them the castle.  They were so excited and ran towards it at such speed that I got a lot of blurry photos

first sight of castle

The girls started exploring and checking out all the different windows and spaces.  They wanted to see what they did if they opened, if they could climb it.

whats in herewhat does that do

look through herego through here

The girls played peek a boo with each other.  My youngest peered through the window and found a slide.  Both girls wanted to play on the slide

i spy a slide

They climbed through and started to go down the slide.

climb up a slideeldest down the slide

youngest down slide

The girls found the secret entrance, this of course is the best way to get back into the castle

the secret entranceopening the door

The girls have had so much fun this evening.  They really love the castle, I am so glad I entered the competition.  Just look at the faces of my girls

smiley facehappy face

Although my eldest pointed out several good places in the castle where she wanted to sleep, it was soon time for bed.  

time for bed

This day I love the day the castle arrived

I would just like to say I have not been asked to write this post, I simply loved how much enjoyment my girls got from their castle and wanted to write about it.

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