Play day

Its national play day today.  Play day is held on the first Wednesday in August and is a day used to celebrate play and the importance of play in a child's development.  It is through play that a child develops new skills.  It gives them a chance to be creative and use their imagination.  A chance to practise new ideas.  A way to explore the world around them.  

The girls were in nursery today as I had to work.  I picked them up and we made the most of national play day.  Whilst I try to make the most of every day with the girls today I wanted to do something extra special.  I asked them what they wanted to do.

My eldest first declared that I had to lie down, as my tummy looked poorly and she needed to make it better

playing dr

I was then instructed to lie on my tummy so she could listen to my heart, why through my back I don't know.  I was then told to lie very still and she went and made medicine on her play cooker.  After I took my medicine, I was given a clap and was told I had been a good Mummy so now I could play.  Love her imagination at work.

We decided to build some towers.  My eldest likes to build towers and she likes to talk about the different colours.  We also count how long the towers stay up for and the number of bricks.

playing building towers

My youngest approach to tower building was much more laid back

laid back tower building

Although she soon picked up when we started making them fall over.  She could not stop laughing and kept clapping her hands.

very happy youngest

My youngest had so much fun it was lovely to watch her so happy.  She then started putting the bricks back in the bag which I took as a sign she wanted to do something else.  She pointed at her coloured rings and so I got them down from the shelf so we could play.  The girls played together stacking the rings in different orders and it was lovely to watch them.

playing togetherstacking rings

My eldest pretended that the rings were a birthday cake, I think because its her birthday soon, and kept singing 'Happy birthday'.  She would then fetch a ring to us and say 'have some cake'.

singing happy birthday

We read some books and had lots of cuddles, before it was time for some singing.  We sang lots of our favourite songs, one of my eldest is sleeping rabbits.  We all put on our rabbit ears and hopped around.  This picture was taken by my eldest as we were playing.

sleepy rabbit

Although we tidied up as we went along, the play room looked like this at the end of the day.

mess means fun

Its no surprise then that after all the playing we did, that both girls were completely tired out.

all tired out

This day I love Play day.

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  1. National play day - what a good idea. It looks like your gorgeous girls had a wonderful time!


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