a wish

I wish I had had my camera to capture the moment.  I wish I could have seen her thoughts.

My eldest daughter found a 1p on the floor in the shopping centre today.  She held onto it ever so tight.  She would not put it in her pocket or in my bag, she wanted to hold it.  

As we were walking out we passed some fountains.  She stopped to have a look.  Randomly to her they would squirt some mini fountains into the air before fading back to bubbling water, then back up again.  My daughter peered over the edge looking, thinking.  

Without saying anything to her, she took the 1p she had held so tightly in her hand and threw it into the fountain.  The fountains rose and sank back down again.  She turned around with the biggest smile on her face.  I asked her if she had thrown her penny into the fountain, she said yes.  When I asked her if she made a wish, she said yes.  I asked her what it was she wanted and she said 'to be a big girl, one day I will grow big'

to grow big

This day I love a wish.

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