Project 365 : Week 36


After deciding to take on the Yorkshire 3 Peaks again next year today saw the first of many training walks.  I took our dog with us and he became very interested in the field full of llamas.

llamas field


Why is it when you need the kids to sleep they never do? And when you need them to get up they are always asleep.  Probably one of the only times I have had to wake up my youngest

sleeping baby


The girls wanted to do some chalking outside using the chalk I had got them from the Handpicked collection.  They love how big the chalk is and they had lots of fun creating pictures.

big chunky chalk


I was a little shocked when I looked at the trip counter on the car to discover I had done exactly 666 miles.  Thankfully I was at my destination and could reset the counter.

worst trip


This is the ultimate driving combination. 

best driving combo


With lots of rain outside the girls and I decided to bake a cake.  We baked a really gorgeous syrup cake.  My youngest would not put her tongue away the whole time we were baking.  Think she wanted some of the mixture

making cake


We received our living with Pushchair today.  My eldest loves the box and kept crawling through it.  Can't wait to try it out.

pee po

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  1. boxes are always such fun we had one arrive today and the boys loved playing in it!
    such a cute sleeping pose with her arm up like that and the tongue poking out while making the cake made me smile x


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