Fun in the Kitchen

My girls are both very different in their eating habits and always have been.  My eldest eats little and then one day eats everything she can, then goes back to eating little again.  She has always been the same.  My youngest will eat everything, she enjoys food.  Over the years with the girls I have found a few items that have helped to make meal time fun and items that have allowed the girls to have fun in the kitchen.

When I was weaning my eldest I used to play the aeroplane game, where I would pretend the spoon was a plane just to try and get her to eat.  Tommee tippee are making meal times fun with their new range from explora.  The aeroplane spoons are so much fun.  They had an all new element to the aeroplane game and because they come in a two pack baby can play with one whilst you use the other to feed.
tommee tippee aeroplane spoons

When out and about its important to keep babies feeding items clean.  Meal times are no fun with a poorly baby and its important to protect those tiny tummies.  Milton have a wide range of products to help with this.  Their Solo travel steriliser has a 100% water tight lid, and can be used either as a cold water steriliser or as it has a unique lay flat design it can also fit into any microwave for a speedier sterilisation.  I think this is such a great idea for always having a sterile bottle, I know I was often out and about with the girls, either walking to dog, visiting people or at Grandparents.  This steriliser would have been so handy to have.  What is more is that the item inside stays sterile for 24 hrs, perfect for travel too.

One of my absolute favourite products is the Milton Anti Bacterial wipes.  I use these to clean everything.  The potty, the high chair, toys, computer, even mobile phone.  I keep the wipes in my changing bag, as lets face it the highchairs in most restaurants/cafe etc. are not the cleanest, I can clean them using the antibacterial wipes.  Milton anti bacterial wipes are 100% biodegradable, bleach free, rinse free, will kill over 99.9% of bacteria and are safe for babies to touch when the surface dries in second.  These are one of my must haves.
My other must have from the Milton range is the mini soother steriliser.  My daughter drops her dummy so many times in a day I hate to think about the amount of germs on it.  The Milton mini soother steriliser can steriliser a dummy in 15 minutes and keeps them sterile for 24 hours.  This means I can carry a spare that's sterile at all times in my changing bag and sterilise the dropped one.  The unit comes in some lovely colours and is small enough to fit in your hand.  It is light and portable and very easy to carry in a changing bag.  I would not be without it.

As my youngest gets older she sees her sister using a knife and fork and she wants to do the same.  MAM have a Cutlery set that is suitable from 6 months old.  It is fully functional cutlery set and the knife has safe edges.  The curved non slip handle makes it easy for little hands to grip and for my youngest it makes her feel more grown up, like her elder sister.


MAM feeding bowl features two separate compartments which I find useful at meal times to separate different food.  The handle is great for my daughter to carry her food too.  She likes to carry it to the table like her sister does.  I can even prepare her lunch in advance and thanks to the tight fitting lid I know I can transport it or put it in my bag for her for later.  The bowl is dishwasher safe too which is an additional bonus.

I often find that whilst I am cooking dinner or doing something on the work top the girls want up.  They want to be involved and see what is happening.  My eldest often gets a stool and pulls it up but I find this un safe as she could slip and fall off the stool.  Whilst baking with the girls they also want to be up at the work top, the safest way to do this I have found, is the Little Helper FunPod.  The Little Helper FunPod can be used from 12 months to 4 years and the child must be able to stand unaided.  My girls really love their FunPod.  They feel a part of what is happening and can help.

standing tallin the fun pod

Jackson Reece
After all the fun in the kitchen sometimes there is the need to tidy up.  Jackson Reece wipes are a high quality biodegradable cloth.  My daughter has eczema and very sensitive skin a lot of the wipes on the market aggravate her skin and I am also allergic to a certain brand of baby wipes, they cause my skin to peal, I have therefore struggled to find wipes that we can use when out. 
I personally like Jackson Reece wipes, they are lovely and thick, so they clean even the dirtiest of messes, they contain no harsh chemicals and they are suitable for vegans.  They are great on sensitive skin and are 100% perfume free.  They are not tested on animals, are biodegradable and chlorine free.  Jackson Reece herbal wipes really are kinder by nature.
Just take a look at the mess I cleaned up recently with them:

messy outdoor play

Jackson Reece also launched nose Nuzzles.  When my girls were teething they had very runny noses.  I would use tissue but this would irritate their very delicate noses.  Nose Nuzzle contain added saline to aid decongestant, they are naturally soothing with no chemicals and are 100% unscented.  They are the perfect size to carry in a changing bag and can remove even the stickiest dirt from a little ones nose.

My youngest loves her Baby cup.  Baby cup holds 50 ml of liquid and is baby's first weaning cup.  They come in 4 bright colours and are dish washer safe.  My daughter picked this up really quickly and now drinks out of a normal cup at 15 months old.  She loves that she can use a cup like her Mum and her sister.
baby cup
Bibisili bibs are eco-friendly, non toxic, flexible and harmless to babies' skin.  They are suitable from 6 months.  I love the bright characters and colours of the bibisili bibs.  They are fun and are very easy to use and to keep clean.  As they are light they are easy to wear and they look great on.


Whilst I was provided with a bibisili bib, plane spoons, a little helper fun pod, milton mini soother, baby cup, jackson reece wipes, MAM cutlery and bowl to review the thoughts and opinions are all my own.

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