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Last night my eldest said she did not want to be 3 she wanted to be 1 like her sister.  Their birthdays are 21 months apart and as they grow older I can see them both wanting to be the same age as each other.  

One more candle is a self published book from Twelve elves books.   Written by Merry Susiarjo and illustrated by Emmeline Pidgen, this is a truly heart warming story.

one more candle front page

The story follows two sisters, with birthdays one month apart.  They decide to hold their parties on the same day and whilst they invite the same number of friends and do the same things, there is one more candle on the elder sisters cake.  Nola, the younger sister, seeks help from everywhere to have the same number of candles as her sister.  She asks the firefly's  the moon and even the sun.  She soon accepts that her sister will always have one more candle.  Until to her surprise one birthday party she does get her wish.

The girls and I really love this story, its such a simple beautiful story to follow and my eldest can relate to the story too.  I love how she gets her wish in the end.  The illustrations are in light pastels and beautifully drawn, they really bring the magic in the story to life

Reading one more candle

A truly heart warming story that should be on all children's book shelves.  

One more candle is currently available from the amazon.

I was sent a copy of one more candle for the purpose of review, all words are more own.

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