Review : cuddledry Supersoft Toddler bath towel

My daughters eyes lit up when she saw the cuddledry pink dotty cuddlebugs.  The lovely pink and white spots really appealed to her.  We therefore had to have a shower straight away.  The cuddledry cuddlebug is super soft made with bamboo fibre and cotton its not only silky soft but also 60 % more absorbents than pure cotton.  It also has a natural antibacterial quality.
The cuddlebug has a lovely cosy hood.  This is not only great for keeping my daughter warm after a bath but it is great at drying her hair.  I love the little ears on the cuddlebug.
back of towel

My eldest daughter is 3 and the cuddlebug is recommended for walking age to 3 years.  There is however still plenty of fabric to wrap her up in and keep her warm.  She looks very warm and snuggly in her towel.  The cuddlebug features a double layer.  This means its one of the warmest toddler towel.
super soft toddler bath towel
My daughter loves her cuddlebug.  The first thing she does when she gets out of the shower/bath is to wrap up in the cuddlebug and crawl on the floor.  She likes to pretend she is a lady bird.  The cuddlebug has really captured her imagination too.
She feels very cuddly in her cuddlebug, I can tell the difference in softness between this and other towels.  A very beautiful snuggly toddler towel from cuddledry.

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