review : Bing Get Dressed

It's a Bing thing!

Bing, Get Dressed is a story written by Ted Dewan.  It follows the story of Bing Bunny as he tries to get dressed.  It's not always easy getting dressed, even with Flop to help.  Sometimes you forget clothes and sometimes you forget the order.  This is a very playful story book with lovely illustrations.

it's a Bing thing

My eldest loves looking at the back of the book which has pictures looking at how you get dressed and which clothes go on in which order.  This creates lovely discussions and great to teach children which clothes to put on first.

which order to get dressed

 Bing has really captured my daughter.  She understands the story and we often discuss it together.  I love books that get her thinking and that we can talk about.
reading the book

Bing really is a lovely easy to read story book for pre school children.  It's a Bing! thing.

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