Review: Kiddy Adventure Pack

During my training for the Yorkshire three Peaks challenge, I walked over a variety of terrains and up several hills. As my training mainly took place over a weekend I wanted to take the girls with me, as I work full time during the week. Most of the time I would use our double stroller, BOB, you can read the review here, but there was the odd occasion when I would go places that BOB could not go, over styles for example.

The Kiddy Adventure pack was great for this situation. The carrier is lightweight, yet looks and feels incredibly sturdy. The shoulder and hip straps are incredibly well padded which give great comfort to the carrier. I was able to adjust all the straps my self which was a great bonus.

Kiddy Adventure Pack

The Kiddy Adventure carrier also provides great comfort to the child.  My youngest daughter loves been in the carrier. She often falls asleep. I think that she loves the fact she can see everything. She often plays with my hair as we are walking and strokes the side of my face. I think she likes that she is close to me.

sleeping in the kiddy adventure pack

The carrier also features some great storage pockets. These are great in particular the ones on the hip straps, which although small are big enough to hold a dummy or some small change. The larger pocket at the back is great for holding baby wipes and a few snacks.

I found the stand of great use especially when a rest was needed from walking.  It is easy to access and use even when there is a child in and one your back.  The hood is also great. It is very easy to store. The hood provides extra shade when needed and also some rain protection.  

comfort Kiddy Adventure pack

I find the Kiddy Adventure pack easy to wear, comfortable and light weight.  My daughter finds it comfortable and loves to be close to me as well as look at the world.  This is a great carrier for those who love to explore outdoors and go on an adventure with nature.

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