the training begins

After recovering from the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge we did in July.  Training has now commenced for the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge in 2014.  We started off with a nice walk at Hebden Bridge.  I took J with us as he enjoys exploring and we set off for our afternoon walk.

hebden bridge

J was in his element, exploring and sniffing all the new smells.  
J checking the way

He soon became very protective of our group and kept looking for us as we came up the hills wagging his tail to great us

checking on the group

Four legs proved to be much faster than two, and I was soon been pulled down all the paths and hill sides, as the others came from behind us.  
narrow paths

At other points we stopped and waited for them to catch us up, with J keeping a firm eye on things

J kept a watch

The views from the top were simply stunning and amazed at how far we had come.  We had walked over the horizon to the point, this is looking back at the walk we had done.  

panoramic view

With our involvement in the National Trust 50 things to do before 11 3/4, it was great when we passed through the National Trust site, Hardcastle Crags.  They even were hosting some 50 things activities.  

national trust

A really lovely afternoon training walk, with some beautiful sights.  Perhaps the most unusual of these, was the llama farm we passed.  [look through the trees into the field, those white things are not sheep they are llamas]

Llama in field

This Day I love the training begins 

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