Review TalkTalk : Kid Boost

We don't really watch a huge amount of TV, but when we do my daughter has very specific requests.  Sometimes its very hard to find the program she wants to watch.  Either its not scheduled at that time or I don't own the DVD.  I also simply cannot afford to buy all the DVDs to the programs she wants to watch.

TalkTalk Kids Boost is a great solution to this problem.  It currently costs £5 per month.  You select the Boost package and add it to your existing TalkTalk package.  You then have access to a fair few Kids Tv channels, including Disney and Nickelodeon, and also their on demand programs.  The On demand channel means I can find 99.9% of the time the program she wants to watch.  You need to keep the boost for a minimum of 1 month, but should you need it again later you can simply go back and add it on.

To help explain a little more I made the following video

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  1. I literally only let my kids watch Cbeebies - just can't abide all the adverts on other channels!


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