Rainbow drops and Sodastream

With a rather wet and windy day, the girls and I decided to do something fun and creative.  The girls had found my spare Soda Stream bottles in the cupboard and were busy making noises in to them and singing down them like microphones.  I decided it would be fun to make some 'rain makers' given the weather and have some fun exploring the noise they made.

I gave the girls some rainbow drops, as they are lovely bright colours and thought if the girls wanted to eat them they could.  We put some rainbow drops into our Soda Stream bottles and began playing

making rain makersrainbow drops and Soda Stream

The girls had fun with the Rainbow drops and it wasn't long before they were all over the floor.  This added to the fun.  The girls decided as we had made rain makers that they needed to wear Welly boots and then stomp round on the Rainbow drops to make a lovely crunch sound.

This was such a lovely way to spend a wet and windy evening with the girls.  They really loved exploring the sounds and textures and the bright colours of the Rainbow drops added to the experience.

This day I love Rainbow drops and Sodastream

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  1. That's quite funny actually!

    Did you try to make a game out of using a dustpan and brush to clear it all up afterwards?


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