Review : First Aid App

After our recent trip to the Accident and Emergency department, I wanted to share with you an amazing app I use.  The app is free and is available for both Android and Apple based systems.

The British Red Cross have developed the app to provide First aid at your finger tips.  I really love it.  It provides useful videos, animations, self test sections and A&E finder.  Whilst I do not say that this will replace proper training, it is much better than nothing at all and could be a real life saver.

It did not take me long to download and I find it really simple to use.  It is absolutely packed full of useful information.  Recently a friend of mine child had Croup.  Using the app we could clearly see what needed to be done, and watching the videos also was really useful

British Red Cross App

I also really love the hospital finder, this is absolutely fantastic especially if you are away from home when something happens.
Hospital finder

The app is very user friendly with very easy to use navigation menu.

navigation menu

I think this is a must have app.  

I have not been asked to write about this app, but after my recent experiences I really feel that this should be something we all have.

The app can be downloaded from both the app store and google play.  For further information please click here

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