Review : First Farmyard puzzle Galt toys

The First Farmyard Puzzle from Galt toys has been developed along with Dr Miriam Stoppard, the UK's most trusted parenting expert.  The farmyard puzzle is made from wood and is a really lovely chunky tray peg puzzle.  There are 6 bright and colourful animals to pick up and put into the space on the tray.  The puzzle is suitable from 12months.  My youngest at 15 months loves to play with this puzzle.  She finds the pieces very easy to pick up, thanks to the chunky peg on the surface of each animal shape

picking up the pieces

The puzzle encourages hand eye co ordination, shape recognition and manual dexterity.  My daughter loves to pick up the pieces and look at the different animals.  She loves to try and put the animals into the different shapes and when she gets one right she loves to clap and looks very happy.

putting in the pieces

My daughter loves to think about each piece and we talk about what the animals are.  She loves to make animal noises with each piece.  I talk to her about the colours and the animals as we play with the puzzle.  Her concentration and thinking is clear as I watch her play.


The First Farmyard Puzzle is great for encouraging thinking, memory and naming, recognition and hand eye co ordination.  Its a great way to encourage learning through play and a lovely way to spend quality time together.

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