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I love to cook.  I love to be creative and come up with new ideas.  I love to try new ingredients but most of all I really like to use fresh ingredients.  I often want to add a pinch of this or a splash of that.  The Just Add range allows me to add the essential ingredients into my cooking, with no mess, no chopping and no waste.

Just Add range

I began experimenting with the Just Add range.  I first made a roast chicken, but used the garlic to add a flavour to the skin.  Just Add is so simple to use, one teaspoon of Just Add is equivalent to one teaspoon of the fresh ingredient.  

Just Add

The ingredients were just as good as the fresh equivalent.  I noticed no difference.  My garlic roast chicken crisped up as I wanted to and tasted amazing

Garlic roast chicken

My next challenge was making something for the girls.  They love Baked beans so I made an alternative to Baked beans.  Using Cannellini beans, tin of chopped tomatoes and a spoon of the Chilli Just Add I made chilli Baked beans, the girls loved them

Chilli beans

The girls love garlic bread, so I mixed a teaspoon of Just Add Garlic to 3 spoons of butter and made garlic butter.  This can be adjusted to suit individual tastes.  I spread this butter onto toast and the girls love it.  I must admit I do too, gorgeous garlic bread.

I used the Just Add Coriander to add a hint of flavour into the roasting in my sweet potato chips.  

roasted sweet potato

 Just Add has become a part of my cooking, I cannot imagine not using it now.  It makes cooking so much simpler, no mess, no chopping, no waste, I get the real thing without the hassle.  

I was sent 4 tubes of Just Add to try.  All thoughts are my own.

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