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I really struggle with cutting my girls nails, in fact I would go as much to say I hate it. The girls hate it too, screaming, kicking and general twisting just to get away from it. Needless to say its a stressful experience. When I heard about the stylfile Nipper Clipper from Tom Pellereau, apprentice winner, I was very eager to give it a go. I thought this would be the solution to all my problems.

nipper clipper
The stylfile Nipper Clipper retails at £9.99. It consists of the unique s shape file, silent easy to handle clippers and a distraction app. I was eager to give it a try.

stylfile clipper

I usually use scissors, as I struggle with clippers, so my first challenge was to get used to the clippers. I began by trying them on myself in order to get used to how they worked. The clippers handle is easy to grip making them easy to use. There is a window on the clippers so that you can see what you are cutting and they have an almost silent cut. This worried me at first as I wasn't sure anything was happening but it didn't take long for me to get used to it. The cut is very clean and does not leave any jagged edges. Once I had practised on myself I started with the girls.

Following the instructions I used the distraction app. This did very little, neither my youngest at 14 months or my eldest at 3 showed any interest and it severed as no distraction at all. After 3 months of perseverance I am still in the same situation, the app does nothing for my girls.

The first time I used the clippers with the girls, I encountered the same amount of kicking and screaming as before. I'm not surprised really the concept of having their nails cut is the same, however not to be beat I persevered. . Gradually over a course of 3 months, my youngest will now sit calmly whilst I cut her toe nails, this is a massive improvement. Her fingers, she still gets a little twitchy over, I have to do them 3 at a time and give her a break, but still a great improvement.

With my eldest it took a lot longer. Maybe it's because she has hated her nails cutting for so long. Anyway I persevered. After almost 4 months, I am now at the stage where she will sit still for her nails cutting. She occasionally doesn't want it doing but there is no where near as much resistance as before. She will actually let me cut her nails, with no screaming.

using stylfile

I think both girls feel more comfortable with the stylfile Nipper Clipper because of its silent clean cut. The snap noise with normally clippers is not there it is near to silent. I also find the stylfile Nipper Clipper easy to use and with the easy view window have more confidence in what I am cutting.

stylfile window

I am glad I persevered and did not just give up after the first time. I can see a noticeable difference and nail cutting is no where near the stress and screaming match it used to be. If you are struggling like I was I would recommend investing in a style file, and make sure you stick with it, it will make a difference.

I was sent the Stylfile Nipper Clipper to review, all words are my own

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