Autumn Fun

I love Autumn.  The colours are truly fantastic and Autumn sun, yes its a rarity,  is so lovely.  I love to be outdoors in the Autumn sun and love to play outside with the girls.  We ventured outside to have some fun with the leaves.  Living with woods in the back garden means we have a lot of leaves.  

We first decided to make leaf pies.  Think Mud pies but with leaves.

Making leaf pie

It was not too long before the girls decided they wanted to make Mud pies so this then followed

Mud Pie

After exploring the different textures of the leaves to the mud and seeing how they formed different 'pies' we decided to explore the Autumn garden.  We saw how the berries have changed colour

Autumn berries

We talked about the different colours and looked to see what else we could find.  I had not seen any ladybirds this year, so imagine my surprise when we saw this


There were loads of ladybirds and several baby ladybirds too.  I was so surprised and incredibly happy.  I had to get the girls not to touch them, but we sat and watched them for a while.  It was a really lovely day exploring our garden and having fun in the Autumn sun

This day I love Autumn fun. 

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  1. We are loving autumn and all the leaves too. So much to talk about and explore. Those ladybirds where a great find!

  2. So much simple fun to be had just by seeing what is happening in the garden at this time of year. We saw a caterpillar today which I was surprised about but ladybirds is even more unusual in october. Thank you for sharing your autumn garden on Country Kids.


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