Ducks, sheep, wands and flashing swords

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My eldest was so excited when we told her yesterday that we would be going to a bonfire and fireworks display. She has told everyone we have met, be it the lady at the checkout in the supermarket to people walking their dogs in the street. She has asked all day if its 4 yet as that is the time we told her the fireworks started.
I don't think she could quite believe her luck when we arrived just after 4. The fire and light show took place at cannon hall farm, which is one of my daughters favourite places. We walked round the farm whilst we waited for the bonfire to be lit. After walking round for an hour we then found out the bonfire was not going to be lit until 7. This meant we had to keep the girls occupied in the cold and dark.

We spent a little more time walking round the farm. My youngest is trying to talk at the moment and is copying words. She pointed out the animals and then she spotted some sheep. She pointed and said sheep. I said to her sheep say 'baa' can you say 'baa'?. She looked at me smiled and said baa.
Watching farm at night

We had bought the girls some flashing light wands and swords to help them see in the dark and for some fun. They loved playing with them and waving them round

flashing star
There was a small fair ground but neither girl wanted to go on the rides that were there. The girls had never had candy floss before so we decided to see what they thought, my eldest wasn't that keen but my youngest loved it
Youngest at fireworks

My eldest saw the hook a duck stand and wanted to have a go, she was so pleased that she hooked a duck
hook a duck
Unfortunately for us it was only half 6 which meant we had half hour to wait for the bonfire to be lit. In this time it started to get cold and my youngest had had enough of the dark, cold and wet. She promptly decided enough was enough and wanted to take her coat off. When I would not let her she went into complete tantrum and began throwing herself on the floor kicking and screaming. I tried to pick her up but nothing seemed to work, she wanted to be on the floor in the cold and wet muddy field.
By the time the bonfire was lit, I felt it was time to head back. I took her back to the car, took her coat off, which stopped the tantrum and gave her a big cuddle until she fell asleep. My eldest stayed with her dad to watch the bonfire. I felt really sorry for my eldest who wanted us to all watch the bonfire together and for everyone else who just wanted to watch the bonfire in quiet without a tantrum of an 18 month old.
Needless to say therefore that I did not get to see either the bonfire or the fireworks and my eldest who had been looking forward to it all day missed the fireworks too. I think she was a bit upset I wasn't there to see the bonfire with her. I think the bonfire should have been lit earlier as the ticket advertised a start of 4pm, it's rather a long time to wait with small children. I think if my youngest had seen the bonfire she may not have tantrum as bad as she did and it might have made things easier.
It was still nice however to spend some time with my girls and my eldest face when she hooked her duck more than made up for the rest of the night.
This day I love ducks, sheep, wands and flashing swords

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  1. Yes, I think that is quite late for young children, and if it promotes from 4, that's a long time to be waiting. Nice to have had the farm, and the wands, and that hooked duck ;)

  2. I do agree with the times of these things. It's dark enough by 5ish now that they can start things a bit earlier to take in to consideration those smaller children and their bedtimes. Looks like you had fun though despite missing the bonfire and fireworks.

  3. That is late for small children, family events should be better organised! I'm sure they loved their wands though :) and how lovely that your eldest hooked a duck! #CountryKids

  4. I agree with you, they should have started it much earlier for all those little ones that have earlier bedtimes - something we've always done at Coombe. At least they were able to have visiting the animals and playing with their wands and your eldest was able to see the bonfire. Let's hope next year is better, thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  5. Funny how things never work out how we think isn't it? Really nice how you've got such a positive attitude about it all :)

  6. What a pity they didn't light the bonfire at more family friendly hours. At least you all had some fun together for part of the time.

  7. We went to a public display this year for the first time in two years and my youngest, 5 hated it.It's dark by 5pm so an earlier bonfire would be better for all.My older two loved it, so you win you loose some.Popping over from Country Kids.

  8. We haven't taken Amy because it was so late, which is a shame really as she loves fireworks. We'll maybe take her next year though. It is a great experience for all the family, isn't it #countrykids


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