Review : Dettol Laundry Cleanser

Maybe I have been a little naive but I always assumed that when I put my clothes in the washing machine they would come out clean.  I assumed wrongly that any bacteria / virus on the clothes would be killed in the wash.  However new researched commissioned by Dettol has discovered that bacteria linked to faeces is on 1 in 4 items of children's washed clothes.  I was really shocked when I read this.

Dettol Laundry cleanser kills 99.9% of bacteria.  It cleanses the machine and provides hygienically clean laundry.  I was sent a sample to try and I was a little worried that it may upset my daughters skin.  She suffers from eczema and a change in washing powder can result in a flare up.

I used the Dettol Laundry cleanser in a few loads in order to test fairly.  I found it very easy to use, either soak or put two capfuls in the softener drawer.  The clothes came out smelling clean, there was no over powering smell.  After drying and ironing the main test came as my daughter wore her clothes.  

After a week she has not suffered a flare up and usually a change in powder a flare up would occur after a day or two.  This is great news as I know I can use Dettol to kill 99.9% bacteria, clean the washing machine and it does not upset my daughters skin!

For more top tips to ensure laundry is really clean and bacteria free there is a video from Dr Pixie McKenna

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  1. Thank you for your email this week, my grand daughter suffers from flare up's of eczema and Dettol Laundry cleanser is something to consider. Much appreciated I love you blog reviews thanks

  2. It is really good. Can't understand why lots of shops and supermarkets haven't got it in the West Country, ie Dorset. Found it at Wilkinson's Weymouth at £3. 00. Yes.But it wasn't in the laundry isle as advertised on t.v. It is really good. Clothes feel clean and smell divine.


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