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I was rather excited when I first heard about Little Grippers. Little Grippers are socks that promise to stay on.. They do this by a thin layer of silicon, at the too of the sock. The silicon is 100% natural, hypo-allergenic and breathable, so to prevent any irritation to the skin. The band is also guaranteed to last the lifetime of the sock, regardless of number of washes or tumble dries.

little gripers

The socks are available as plain, patterned and school socks ( both over and under the knee) and prices range dependant on style. I received a pair for both girls to try and the bright colourful patterns were really lovely

colourful socks

The socks felt lovely and soft and felt that they would keep the girls feet very warm. The silicon band at the top did not make then any harder to put on than normal socks, and as promised they stayed on.

sock on

In fact they stayed on so well that my youngest who takes great pride in removing her socks whenever possible really struggled to take them off

Neither girl complained or made any mention of the silicon band at the top of the sock. Both girls are pretty vocal when it comes to something not quite right so this gave me confidence that they were unaware of the band and to them they were very comfy socks.

Although they made no complaints I did notice that on each girl the socks left red marks

red marks
sock marks

I thought the socks felt softer than normal socks and I was impressed by how well they stayed on. I think they would be prefect for babies who often loose socks. Although the socks did leave marks on the girls skin neither girl mentioned any form of discomfort. Little Grippers are really lovely colourful socks that really do stay on.

The girls each received a pair of Little Grippers for review, all words are my own

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