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The Ultimate Tree Fu Tom action figure is packed full of magic. Ultimate tree Fu Tom is fully pose-able and has pop out wings. The girls loved this feature of Tree Fu Tom, although the wings and the back pack do seem to pop off a fair bit meaning that they need assembling several times. It became easier just to leave the wings off.

Tree Fu Tom

When Tree Fu Tom is made to fly or put onto an angel/tilt then he plays the theme music from the hit TV show. The girls really loved to do this.

There are also buttons on either side of his Sapstone belt and his Holopax which make them light up, when pressed and Tom will say one of over 30 phrases.

The girls enjoyed playing with the Ultimate Tree Fu Tom but did become frustrated that the wings kept falling off. On top of this its important to remember to turn the switch to off when finished playing with him, as if he tips slightly in the toy box he will play the theme song until he is stood up again. The Ultimate tree Fu Tom is great for fans of the TV show but I would recommend for children over the age of 5 as they maybe less frustrated than the younger kids with the wings.

 We were sent a Tree Fu Tom to review, all words are my own

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