Review : Make me Better Lambie

My girls are both big Doc McStuffins fans.  Both girls really enjoy role play too and recently as both have been poorly they seem to be doing a lot of Dr role play to make each other feel better.  Lambie Make me better therefore seemed to be a perfect fit for the girls

make me better lambie

Lambie arrived and both girls took an instant like to him.  Lambie is very soft and cuddly making her the perfect companion for cuddles

lambie cuddles

The size and weight of Lambie is perfect for both girls to carry.  Some times toys with a battery unit inside can be a little heavy or not be very soft to cuddle, which is not the case here.

Lambie emits a pain sound and a red glow meaning she needs her medicine

My girls love to make her better.  My eldest is 3 and she understands that you need to put the special medicine on the heart patch on Lambie


My youngest at 18 months, doesn't quite understand this and tries to put the syringe over the red glow.  However this does not stop either girls enjoyment.  

I did find it a little tricky to install the batteries, the unit is very snugly fitted in to Lambie

lambie batteries

This is also where the on/off switch is.  You need to switch Lambie off and back on again in order for her to emit her pain sound.  

Lambie also features a night light, you activate this by pressing her hand

As you can see from the video the light doesn't last very long so we use it more to show Lambie is feeling better than as a night light.

Both girls enjoy playing with Lambie and giving her cuddles.

I was sent Lambie to review all words are my own

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