As Christmas draws closer my eldest daughter is becoming more and more excited.  A friend of my kindly informed me that some reindeer had taken residence in a field round the corner from our houses and I thought this would be a wonderful Christmas themed activity for us to all do together.

The girls, their Grandma and I all headed over to see the reindeer.

reindeer watching

The reindeer must have been fed a few times from the various visitors as I soon had my phone sniffed to see if it could be eaten.

reindeer nose

After watching the reindeer it was time to make sure Santa sleigh was in full working order.  The girls however were rather distracted by the reindeer and horses, and kept pointing and looking round.

santa sleigh

To celebrate Winter Solstice I decided it would be lovely to take the girls in the evening to Enchanted.  Enchanted takes place at Cannon Hall and sees the grounds transformed into a magical winter walk.  As we arrived in the dark we could see the glowing lights in the distance.  The girls were transfixed.  We drew closer and each girl was given a map to follow.  We walked round the magical winter wonderland 


The elves seemed to be hard at work in the wood and we peeped through the key holes of the elves doors.

elf door

We walked round the path and could hear sounds of elves building toys and bells jingle, then the elves said 'shh shh some ones coming' it all went quiet.  We continued to walk and then the elves started to work again.  My eldest daughter loved it.  We spotted some reindeer hiding in the forest

reindeer lights

Then in the pitch black was a table with a blue button which said 'Push'. So we picked up my daughter who leaned over the button to push it,

push the button

The button light up the tree above us and started a bubble machine.


The girls would have loved to have stayed all night, but the wind and very cold rain meant we had to head home to get warm.  It truly was an Enchanted evening.

This day I love Enchanted. 

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  1. That's awesome Leyla, how wonderful for the girls. They must have loved it! Sounds like such a magical thing to do and with the reindeer and sleigh too they must have been beside themselves! Fabulous stuff. Have a Happy Christmas :))

  2. What an amazing place to visit, I bet they were totally captivated and I think this memory will stay with your eldest for some time. Now your silent Sunday photo makes perfect sense! Thank you for explaining and joining me for Country Kids.

  3. Beautiful! What a wonderful experience for your girls.

  4. Love the idea of the elves working!

  5. Love the idea of the elves working!

  6. Is that an auto-awesome pic (of the girls) - it's great!

  7. Is that pic of your girls from auto-awesome on G+ - it's great!!

  8. Love the reindeer poking his nose through the fence! :-)

  9. Love the picture of the reindeer poking his nose through the fence! :-)

  10. How lovely to have reindeer so close


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