for the love of Cake

I picked my eldest up from pre school yesterday and it had been one of the children in her class birthday.  Parents are asked if their children are allowed a piece of cake to take home and I of course said yes.  My youngest heard the word cake and stood and looked at me followed by the pre school teacher with a look of 'where is my cake?', of course with her not in the class no cake had been cut for her.  

My eldest did not really want to share and my youngest was standing her ground.  A little along the lines of unless you give me cake I am not under any circumstances moving from this spot.  My youngest did everything including looking very longingly with her beautiful big eyes.  I could not magic her any cake.  The stand off continued for a good 15 minutes but she was not moving until she got some cake.

I guess rather luckily for me one of the other parents turned down their piece of cake, which created a spare piece.  My youngest was in there in a flash.  As soon as cake was placed into her hands she marched herself rather quickly past me and out the door.  I think she takes after me with her love of cake.

After we arrived home I think all the excitement of the cake was a bit too much for my eldest who then started singing 'I like to move it, move it' which she has got from watching the film Madagascar.  So if like me you have had a rather rubbish day, here is something which I hope might make you smile

This Day I love for the love of Cake

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  1. Brilliant. Never get between a girl and her cake! I don't blame her actually

  2. I like to see determination! Brilliant :) #wotsofunee

  3. It's amazing what a piece of cake will do: and she's a great little mover!


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