Project 365 : 47, 48, 49

Feeling rather bad that I have not had chance to write up my Project 365.  Another catch up is due.

Week 47

squirrel piepoorly little oneoff we go

 A very rare thing happened over the weekend, I actually had time to make a chicken pie from scratch!  The girls helped me and wanted to put a squirrel on top, so we did.  Both girls then seemed to come down with a cold for the rest of the week, one after the other which meant I had at least one poorly all week, which is why I ended up not having chance to write the week up.  

My eldest loves pointing things out to me know on the drive into nursery in the mornings.  It does make the journey interesting.

lift buttondwarves on ice

We were very lucky to have tickets for Disney on Ice, which I will be writing up shortly.  The show was amazing and my eldest daughter really enjoyed herself.  Slightly random photo but this really caught my eye at work.  Its a lift button which says lift coming, and yes if you press it it lights up.  Yet there is no lift, which makes me think that behind that poster must be a lift shaft.  Wonder if its filled in?

winter treePlaying out

Made the most of the nice weather on Friday and Saturday and spent some time outside playing.  Specially for the Boy and me here is the tree in Winter.

Week 48

Blog t shirtDog on look outkeeping warm in bed

I realised I had not put a picture of our dog on for a while, so here he is ready to go for his walk.  The weather started to turn rather cold this week, so the huggable hottie is needed, keeps me very warm!  My blog t shirt is now worn to my weekly physio appointment and I am very proud of it.

work awayrandom shadows

Another 2 days away with work this week.  This is why I tend not to post photos when I do as they are rather uninteresting, but just to prove I do still take the photo, the first is what I get up to on a normal evening away with work, yes that's work!  The second photo is the rather random shadows on the ceiling in the hotel room!

soft playwall stickers

The playroom is finally looking more inviting with the addition of some wall stickers from Enchanted Interiors.  The girls had lots of fun over the weekend at a soft play centre.  My youngest could not understand why she could fit through the gap but the big blue ball would not.

Week 49

the letter TFestive trainPlaying games
We spent the day out at the Dickensian Festival.  I was a little disappointed this year as its the first year we have had to pay to enter.  There were a lot less stalls this year meaning we came away without the usual Christmas presents and also the reindeer we normally have our family picture with where not there.  Best way to unwind after a long day at work is to play board games with the girls!  Its a lovely way to spend some time together and I think they enjoy the attention too.  My eldest is enjoying her new found ability to write.  She seems to have a thing about writing the letters T and E on every piece of paper she can find.  This week she has also taken to writing S, all unprompted and without looking at the letter.

the girlsChristmas DecorationsPasta

 Eldest is desperately wanting to put up the decorations, the only ones up so far are the advent calender and the stocking from Funky Giraffe bibs.  She will have to wait until next weekend, its tradition.  Dinner was very kindly taken care of as I was sent some samples of pasta to try.  They came in very handy as its been a very busy week with some long days, so these were a life saver.  Why is it the only time you can get both girls stood together its in the bathroom!

Santa came for Tea

I am not sure my eldest could quite believe her eyes when Father Christmas walked past her in the Cafe today.  He sat down with Mrs Claus on the table behind her to eat his lunch and she was just in awe.  The smile on her face was incredible.  Pure Christmas Magic!  I now also know what to leave him on Christmas eve.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed Disney on Ice. Like the sound of the Dickensian Festival, but Boo to having to pay.

  2. i LOVE chicken pie mmmm! In fact i was thinking about making one this week now i def will. Disney on Ice always sounds amazing i am not suprised that your girls enjoyed themselves. Sounds like the festival did not make the impression it normally does , which is a shame and to put the prize up and then not have the usual stalls and reindeer is a but mean.
    And how amazing to see Father Christmas walk in that cafe! x x

  3. Disney on ice looks amazing and that play castle looked like Coombe Mill, I did a double take!


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