Review : Giovanni Rana

Working during the week means that most evenings I am too tired to cook and want something quick and simple.  The girls have their evening meal at nursery so I know they are taken care of.  The Giovanni Rana pasta range can all be prepared in under 5 minutes which gives me a great quick dinner.

Giovanni Rana have been creating pasta for over 50 years and are made from the highest quality ingredients.  The fresh egg pasta each contain great new recipe combinations to create the new Italian Indulgence range.  There are also 5 new combinations in the simply Italian range, which features more traditional Italian flavours.

I was sent a sample of each range and both were as easy to cook, simply place into a pan of boiling water.  I was very impressed also with the quality of the packaging which is made from paper but seemed to give the product a real luxury feel

Giovanni Rana

The pasta was ready in under 5 minutes, which is great.  Whilst I could have added a sauce to the pasta I decided to grate cheese over the top which went well and really helped bring the flavours of the pasta out.

cooking pasta

The Giovanni Rana pasta range tasted great with some wonderful flavours and it was great to have a warm meal on an evening that was quick and simple to prepare.  I will be on the look out at my local super market for some to purchase for dinner next week.

I was sent the Giovanni Rana Samples to review, all words are my own. 

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