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My daughter recently had her nativity at nursery. She was given, in my opinion, one of the most important roles. She played the girl in pyjama. I know what your thinking, the most important role, but yes because you see the story starts with a young girl who is going to bed. She asks for a bed time story and her mum reads her the story of the nativity. The nativity is then acted out as the story is told to the girl in pyjamas. The girl in pyjamas could have been read any other story, so therefore the most important role.

Sleep Wear

As it was such an important role, I wanted to make sure she looked the part. F&F offered a great range of sleep wear for children. There is a wide selection available and I actually had difficulty choosing. I settled on a fleece reindeer top and warm checked trousers. The pyjamas were of great quality and looked amazing. After having put them in the wash a few times I can also say they wash nice without bobbling and no loose stitches.

My daughter loves her pyjamas, which is why I have to keep washing them. She constantly wants to wear them. Her nativity was a huge success and I was incredibly proud of her, she looked fantastic. The pyjamas are so good that her sister even has a matching pair.

Ready for bedgirls in PJ

All words in this review are my own, I was sent both pairs to review.  

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