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There was something magical in the air the night I told my eldest daughter we would be going to see Disney Princesses. Her face lit up and her smile was from ear to ear. She was very excited. I was lucky enough to be provided with tickets to Disney on ice at the Motorpoint arena in Sheffield. We settled into our seats and my daughter began to get excited to see the show.

Disney Dare to dream

My daughter saw Mickey and Minnie Mouse and she started pointing and shouting hello, very happy. The show followed the story of each of the Disney Princesses, starting with Tiana. 

Princess Tiana

As the show progressed my daughter became more and more engrossed. She loved the story of Snow White and seeing the dwarves skate.


Since coming home she has talked non stop about Snow White, how she was silly to eat that apple when we all shouted to her not to. She said she should have listened to me! There was lots of music and singing and some incredibly beautiful choreography. The ice skaters are incredibly talented and how they did some of those moves must take years of dedication.

My daughters singing, dancing and excitement caught the attention of all those around her. The people sat at the side of us commented how lovely she was and said it was so lovely to see her enjoying herself. At 3 years old its so lovely to see how much of the story line she understood and how much she enjoyed it.

the carriage

My daughters favourite part was watching Tangled, the story of Rapunzel. Not a story I had read to her before she picked up the story very quickly. The dancers here were simply phenomenal. There was aerobatics and aerial dancing, such stunning and spell binding dancing. We were all fully captivated and loved every second.

Amazing dancingTangled on ice

Next year Disney on ice returns to the Motorpoint arena for the 23rd consecutive year, in November, with the show 100 years of Disney magic. Tickets go on sale in spring 2014, however there will be a little present for my daughter to open on Christmas Day. I will be giving her a present which means come spring I will be first in line to buy her Disney on ice tickets, because the look on my daughters face at how much she loved the show was priceless. There is simply only one word to describe Disney on ice, AMAZING!

Disney on ice dare to dream

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