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Christmas for me is the time of year when the family can all sit together and play the traditional board games. Winter is the perfect excuse for this, cold outside and a great way to unwind and have fun. With the children, galt toys have a wide range available to suit all ages.

We were kindly sent three to review and these are our thoughts on them.

Pirate pursuits such a fun filled game that both my three year old and 19 month old enjoy and play together. It's a great way of encouraging talking about colours and counting money. There is the added fun of the wind up pirate ship! 

 Players add coins into their bags or take them away dependant on where they land on the board. The rules are very simple to understand and it has fast become a favourite.

We played this game once but the concept was sort of lost of my 3 year old. The rules are very easy to understand, you take your tractor around the board and add or subtract animals dependant on the square you land on on the board. The idea is to fill the actor with animals. The game is very colourful and I think in a few months time my eldest will understand and be able to grasp the concept of addition and subtraction. A beautiful game to teach simple maths.

fill the tractorFarmyard Frenzy

My eldest is wanting to practise writing more and more. I absolutely love this and really highly recommend it. The cards each feature how to form the different letters and using the pen you can write on the cards. The pen is wipe clean and the cards can simply be wiped to be used again. The pen will also come out of clothes, furniture and off carpet easily! There is a notepad to practise letters also once confidence has grown from the cards. This really is a great set to encourage children to write. My daughter loves it.

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