Festive Fun and Christmas Crafts

The weeks before Christmas have been rather busy.  The first thing on our Festive Fun list was to make the cards for our close family.  I cut out some tree shapes for the girls to decorate.  I gave the girls various craft items and left it up to them how to decorate their trees.  

Sticking treesChristmas Glitter

Christmas tree cards

girls craftpouring glitter

 After they had decorated the trees for the cards, it was then time to decorate the house.  My eldest had been asking for some time to put the tree up and was rather pleased when I let her decorate the tree.

decorate the tree

Yes all the decorations ended up on one branch, but I guess that's what happens when a three year old decorates the tree.  We also had some rainbow star lights for our play room and made some salt dough stars for our mini play room tree.

star lights

The house was decorated our cards made, there was just one final thing to do.  Make the cookies for nursery.  I like to get the girls to make the Christmas present for nursery, rather than buy it.  Last year we made mint angels and stars, this year we decided on cookies.

The girls mixed the ingredients in the bowl, and also ate quite a bit as we went along.

cookie doughEat cookie dough

mixing cookies

We made the dough and rolled it out, so we could cut out our snowman and star shapes. 

snowman cuttingChristmas cookies

The girls also managed to sneak in the odd angel too!  

I baked the cookies and when cooled wrapped them up for the girls to give to nursery.  Now we were ready for Christmas.  

This day I love Festive Fun and Christmas Crafts

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