my Micralite Twofold

A few months ago I saw this video on YouTube 

I was hooked.  The Micralite Twofold was a stroller that would grow with my child and my family.  I made a decision to purchase one.

I have owned the Micralite Twofold now for over 6 months and have loved every second.  As the video shows the Micralite Twofold is really 2 push chairs in one.  

The first is a single use stroller.  The Micra Lite Twofold can be used from birth with the attachment of Airflo carrycot or MaxiCosi Pebble or Cabriofix carseat, but I had no need for these as my youngest was 15 months when I purchased the Micralite.  There are two seat positions, upright and lie down.   The seat is easily adjusted using the slide mechanism on the back.  

Back view of Micralite Twofold with seat lie downBack view of Micralite Twofold

The seat is padded and looks very comfortable.  It is also washable which has been great with the recent muddy walks.   

lie flat sleep in Micralite Twofoldsingle use side view of Micralite Twofold

The great thing about the Micralite Twofold is that everything I need is there.  When my eldest gets tired I simply flip the foot pedal to extend the base of the pushchair and the rider board becomes available for my eldest.  She loves her board and although the intended use is for her to stand on it, she does like to sit on it too, great for resting her three year old legs.

legs on board on twofold

The Micralite handles differently dependant on if the board is in use or not.  Without the board, its one of the nippiest strollers I have every pushed.  Incredibly light weight and very responsive, easy to do one handed.   I think this is due to the anodised aluminium frame.  With the board in place, because the length of the stroller is almost doubled, it becomes a little heavier and less responsive but still light weight and easy to push.  I have no problems pushing the Micralite whilst walking the dog, with one daughter on the board and the other in the seat, even through tough mud.

using the Micralite twofold muddy walk with the twofold

The handle bar is padded and very comfortable to grip.  As its fully adjustable in both height and the shape it can be fully changed for the individual.  The shopping basket although large is fairy difficult to access.  I have managed to store a few items and some shopping in however.  The Micralite Twofold does come with a 40L shopping bag which can be attached to the stroller.

shopping basket on the twofold

There is the option to purchase an additional seat which I have.  It is very easy to attach and my eldest daughter will sit in it.  However she prefers the board.  I have often been left carrying the seat unit and pushing the Twofold, which is not always ideal, so opt more often to leave the seat unit at home.

The large back wheels and lockable front wheels means I have been able to take the Micralite Twofold through most terrains.  I did have to take it backwards recently through some very thick sticky mud but we still got through.  

large wheels of the twofold

It is easy to fold and unfold the Micralite Twofold using a clever slide release mechanism.  Once folded the Micralite does stand up freely, I think mainly due to the large back wheels.  I like this feature as it means I can easily pick up the Micralite to put into the car, and it fits neatly into the boot of a saloon style car.

twofold free standing foldedtwofold in the boot

I am really glad I made the decision to purchase the Micralite Twofold.  I have got so much use out of it.  I would recommend the Micralite Twofold to anyone who have children where there is either a need for a double or who need a single that provides a quick option for a double. 

twofold walk through wooddaughter on board of twofold
front view of the twofold
twofold side view with board

I have not been asked to write this review.  I purchased the Micralite Twofold with my own money and it is one of my personal use pushchairs, all words and opinions are my own. 

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  1. How are you getting on with the rain cover? We had the fast fold super lite and found the rain cover was awful.

  2. Wow it looks really good. My main thing about strollers is wanting something that folds down to nothing and this looks brilliant for that!


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