Review : Deep Heat Back patches

I spent today putting away the Christmas decorations.  Taking down the tree and the decorations, going into the loft to get down the boxes and then careful packing them all away.  Followed by lifting the boxes and carrying them back into the loft.  All this bending and lifting has meant I have hurt my back.  Rather lucky, I guess, for me a few weeks ago I was sent some Deep Heat Back pain patches to try.

Deep Heat patches provide effective relief for back and muscular pain.  I could feel the heat of the patch coming through within the first 5 minutes of applying and the patch then continued to stay warm.  The patch was easy to apply, although I had to get some help as I could not reach my back.  The patches come in a pack of 2.  Each Deep Heat patch is in its own plastic packet which you tear open.  The protective film is then removed from the patch and the adhesive side is then stuck on the area.

The patches are on the large size, which in some ways for me is nice because it covers most of my back.  The small downside is they cannot be cut to size.  

As I sit here writing the review I can feel the Deep Heat patches providing warmth to my sore back and helping to ease away the pain.  Lucky for me as I have a rather busy day ahead of me tomorrow. 

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