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I recently borrowed an iCandy Apple to Pear. Having two small children, a 3 year old and a 1 year old, the ability to have both a double and a single pushchair is appealing. There are many options for the iCandy apple to pear, as it can be used with any two combinations of iCandy nests, car seats and seat units, mix and match between them. To convert from a single pushchair to a double is simple done by adding in the connector unit onto the iCandy chassis.

icandy connector

The first time I added the connector unit and attached both seats, I looked and wanted to re attach. The top seat seemed very high up and I was worried the iCandy might topple over. I need not have worried. The iCandy apple to pear is actually very stable. My eldest did not like sitting in the top seat and her preference was for the bottom seat, however my youngest loved the top seat. When sitting in the apple to pear she could see everything and I felt very close to her, this would have been perfect as a new born. The seats on the apple to pear are very comfortable and I had no issues strapping the girls into the apple to pear.

icandy apple to pear

My eldest on the bottom seat could see plenty, which I was pleasantly surprised with, as often is the case the one on the bottom stares at the back of the seat. She pointed out trees, birds and everything else she saw. The seats can be reclined using the button which also detaches them from the chassis. It is very easy to do. The chassis on the apple to pear, can even be folded with the seats in place. I found it easier though to detach as felt it gave me more room in the boot of the car. It did take me a while to learn how to fold the iCandy apple to pear, it seems to be a flick action but I soon learnt how to do it. Unfolding was very easy to do and could be done one handed.

iCandy apple to pear in boot

Once in double mode, the bottom seat seams to fill most of the shopping basket and it become difficult to access. The basket on the apple to pear is not very deep about the size of a juice cup. Although the iCandy seems quite wide so there is a good amount of room. The handle of the iCandy apple to pear was lovely to hold thanks to its padding and is adjustable.

apple to pear

One of my favourite features of the iCandy apple to pear was the brakes. The brake isn't a straight bar as on most pushchairs, and I found the shape easy to locate and use. This was great when out walking. The lockable wheels on the iCandy apple to pear also meant that I could push the apple to pear over a variety of terrains.

basket on apple to pear

I was impressed with the iCandy apple to pear, as even in tandem mode with two seat units it was easy to push and very responsive. Both girls seemed very comfortable in them and I had no issues pushing one handed and walking the dog. The iCandy apple to pear is a great option for those who would like a single pushchair with the option to convert to a double or for those with twins who would like a pushchair to grow with the family.

I borrowed the iCandy to use for my own personal use, I was not asked to write this review on my blog.

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