Review : Chill Factor Ice cream Maker

I was really excited when I found out we would be receiving a Chill Factor Ice cream Maker to review.  Something I have always wanted to have a go at is to make my own ice cream.  The girls and I eat a lot of ice cream so this suited us perfectly.

The Chill Factor Ice cream Maker allows you to make ice cream [and sorbets] in minutes, and promises no mess, simply freeze, squeeze and enjoy.  We could not wait to start.  The girls loved the design of the Chill Factor Ice cream Maker, looking just like an ice cream cone.  To start you freeze the base of the Ice cream Maker.
Chill Factor Ice cream Maker

Then when frozen add your ingredients.  There is a really lovely recipe/ideas booklet included which gives a great range of flavours to try and build upon, we decided on chocolate.  Then Shake the ingredients together, this is the real fun bit, before squeezing.  There is no need for separate measuring equipment as the lid of the Chill Factor Ice cream maker acts as a measuring spoon too.  So everything you need is included [except ingredients].

girls making ice cream

We did everything as instructed but could not get the ice cream to become solid.  Instead we created ice cream that had a similar texture to the of store bought ice cream that has been left out and the edges have started to melt.  Still very yummy but not quite right.  We tried again, as someone suggested maybe we had not shaken or squeezed enough.  This time the same but we had a few solid ice cream lumps in.  Still tasted nice.

our melted ice cream

We kept trying a few more times but still have not had any luck.  If I am truly honest I think our freezer wont freeze the base enough.  I think the base needs to be solid frozen but for some reason I cannot get the base to freeze.  I have spoken to others who have the Chill Factor Ice cream Maker and they all had success.  Which leads me to think its more a problem on our part than the product itself.  

The girls and I have still had a lot of fun with the Chill Factor Ice cream Maker and whilst we have not yet managed to create the perfect soft scoop ice cream, we have created some lovely melted ice cream and we shall continue until we succeed.

We were sent a Chill Factor Ice cream Maker to review.  All words are my own personal opinion. 

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  1. oooh yum - love ice cream! Still looks tasty even though it didn't freeze fully x


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