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I recently opened an email which had me jumping up and down, I had been chosen to be a Panasonic Britblogger! I am incredibly excited and feel very privileged to have been chosen. I attended our first meeting as I have been selected to take part in the camera and camcorder group and was very impressed with what I was shown.

There are some excellent cameras and camcorders about to be launched. What impressed me is that Panasonic have made a camera for everyone. Everything from compact camera to fit in your skinny tight jeans, to the highly spec and technical DSLR. I was just as impressed with the highest spec as the basic models and could not quite believe the range available. I love the innovation and thought behind them all. Each with something different. A tough rough and ready range, perfect for busy families with young kids, like mine, who are constantly wanting to take pictures and dropping the camera, or throwing the camera at a sibling. A professional range with light weight lenses, the camera the same size as a compact and incredibly light weight. Then the camera for everyone in between, bird watches, families, bridging cameras, if you can think it there's a camera for that need.

The camcorders are just as impressive. From the basic again compact model to fit perfectly in your handbag, to a very impressive twin camera camcorder with night vision. The camcorders have the ability to monitor your house whilst you are out or even act as a baby monitor. All very impressive and innovative technology. We were also shown a very clever piece of kit which allows the camcorder to be controlled remotely and can tilt the camcorder either up or down or from side to side. No more having to stand with the arm aching and missing all the action. All this is controllable via a clever app, which can be downloaded free. The image app from Panasonic allows remote access and control for their camcorders and cameras which are fitted with wifi. This is a truly clever piece of kit that stands Panasonic out from the rest of the field.

I am really looking forward to the coming months to work closely with Panasonic and hopefully try out some of their new equipment.

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