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Our January book buddy title arrived and its one that my youngest has taken a really shine to. Muddy paws new friends. With my youngest having a real passion for dogs this really appealed to her. The beautiful illustrations really brought the story to life, and made the puppies very cute!

Muddy paws tells the story between Ben and his best friend Muddy Paws, one day Ben goes to school and has to leave Muddy Paws at home. Muddy paws is soon taken to school too, but Puppy school where he has to learn a lot of new things. He makes friends with some other puppies who work together to complete their new skills.

The story really helps to tell the story of friendship. About making new friends and also maintaining existing ones, something which will be a great reference to for my children as they grow. Muddypaws new friends is a really lovely story to tell young children.

muddy paws

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  1. Sounds good! Our kids love books, and what kid doesn't love dogs? :)


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