Review : Bumfy

I remember the first time I sat either of my girls in the seat in the shopping trolley.  They looked so small and I kept having to re adjust them in the seat so they would not slip out.  The same was with swings.  This worried me more especially when they were really little. 

gap in swingyoungest in trolleyon the swings

 Bumfy is a comfortable seat for babies that would have been the solution to my problems.  It is made from 100% cotton and is machine washable, making it perfect for high chairs.  It comes in a very easy to carry shoulder bag, that makes it perfect for taking out with you.

Bumfy acts as a nest and gives extra support around your child when in swings, trolleys and chairs.  The bright patterns and colours would also keep little ones entertained.  My youngest at nearly 2 years old is probably at the top end of the age range of use for Bumfy, however I can see several advantages.  

Other than the obvious use for Bumfy, another great advantage would be when the seats are wet.  My children love to play outdoors and would often get frustrated when they could not play on the swings because they were wet.  Bumfy would have been a great solution, as they could sit on the comfy Bumfy seat.  They would have been clean and comfortable and would have had the extra support they needed.

When we needed a highchair at restaurants they are often not the cleanest.  Bumfy would provide a great hygienic solution.  Place baby in Bumfy in the highchair and it would not matter.  Neither of my girls are in highchairs any more but this would have been great.

Bumfy is really easy to attach and I could do it one handed.  Place into the trolley/swing/high chair and hook the hoop on the front and back.

loop on frontsecure Bumfy

Bumfy can then be turned over the top of the trolley/swing/chair, and your child can be strapped in using the built in harness.

Bumfy Harness

I found Bumfy really easy to install and very well padded.  The patterns are really colourful and very eye catching.  We used Bumfy in a trolley and my youngest was very secure.  As she ate food on the way round the shop, Bumfy caught all the crumbs.  I found Bumfy very easy to clean, I simply placed in the wash and it dried very quick.

BumfyBumfy in trolley

 I can think of only one problem with Bumfy and that is that my youngest has almost out grown it!  I wish I had found it sooner.

I was provided with a Bumfy for the purpose of review, all words are my own.  

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  1. What a great idea! Could of done with that when my girls were little x

  2. Looks great!! I love your blog, thank you for all your tips and advice :)


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